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Lars press news profile


Lars Aabol is the new CEO of Aareon Nordic and the Nordic market. Lars has 30 years' experience in the IT industry as founder, manager and managing director of software and consulting services in the Nordic region and is joining us from Enfo, where he was Managing Director for Sweden.

We have met up with Lars for an interview about his new position, and he tells us:
"I said yes to managing Aareon Nordic for two main reasons. One is that I love focus, and Aareon Nordic's investment in digitalising the property sector seems smart and right on track. 
The other reason is the size of the company, which makes it possible to get to know all our employees. This is extremely important since it's the staff who provide the value in a knowledge-based company such as Aareon Nordic. As the leading supplier of digital solutions within the property sector, we'll continue to provide quality to and together with our customers."
Welcome Lars Aabol, new CEO of Aareon Sverige AB

What have your first few weeks at Aareon been like??
– It has been exciting, bewildering and challenging. What's made the greatest impression on me so far is all the fantastic staff.

Where did you work before??
I've been a contractor, worked in IT and developed software in my own company and as a member of staff. I started my first company in 1985 to develop software for financial analysis. In addition to building up the company, my focus was on sales. Eventually, we were taken over and I started another company involving the integration of IT systems. It was sold to Enfo, where I've worked until now.

Why did you choose to come to Aareon??
I had two main reasons for choosing Aareon: 
I love focus! In my opinion, it's the only way for a smaller organisation in a large context such as IT to play a leading role and add great customer value. Aareon's focus on digitalising the property sector seems smart and on the right track. I like the size of the company. It's possible to get to know all the employees here. It's the people who provide the value in a knowledge-based company where customer value is important. Everyone should feel that they're proud and important players in our mission to provide maximum customer value.

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