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Käytämme useita kolmansien osapuolien palveluita parantaaksemme verkkosivujen toimintoja. Nämä palvelut parantavat käyttäjäkokemusta keräämällä tilastollista dataa verkkosivuilta sekä dataa verkkosivujen käytöstä. Tämän vuoksi toivomme, että hyväksyt kaikki evästeet ja seurannan.


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Leo Palmberg
Leo Palmberg ·


Leo Palmberg will take Aareon Nordic to the next phase

Leo Palmberg, current Head of ERP, will step into the role of MD in October, as the current MD, Lars Aabol, has chosen to leave the company due to personal reasons. Leo has in a short time become a key person in the organization and has played a major role in shaping Aareon Nordic's strategy.

The strategy focuses on service and stability, while the introduction of the Group's digital product portfolio is high on the agenda.

- We are currently seeing a sharp increase in the need for digitization - and will to digitize - among our customers, at the same time as the market is bubbling with innovative initiatives and solutions. Here, I believe that the Aareon Group's digital product portfolio will be able to play a decisive role in how our customers' business looks in the future. At the same time, we also see that the need to collect and interpret data is increasing, in order to be able to use these services. This is where the base, the real estate system, comes in and plays an important role, says Leo Palmberg, future MD of Aareon Nordic.

Long experience of driving change with a focus on customer value

Leo Palmberg has over 30 years of experience in leadership, change work, entrepreneurship, and business creation. His focus has mainly been on developing methods and processes to create predictability and precision in product development. He takes this with him into his new role.

- The real estate industry has a stable demand, but technology is evolving and our customers' tenants will have requirements for their housing situations. Demands will be more complex, which gives our customers the opportunity to excel. It gives us, as suppliers, the opportunity to help in that development, says Leo Palmberg, future MD of Aareon Nordic.

Nina Paulsson takes over the role of Head of ERP

Nina Paulsson and Leo Palmberg, who have previously worked together, have together formulated the way forward for the property system Incit Xpand. With her long experience of analysis and process-driven development for the entire product life cycle, Nina is already an important part of Aareon Nordic's development department.

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